Use your rent payments as credit history

Updated: Mar 13

The problem

The current form of credit scoring is not sufficient for the consumer credit market.

Using alternative data, such as rent data, as credit history is needed more than ever post-COVID-19. We are working to help consumers build credit profiles and improve their credit scores with rent payments.

Credit building

You should not be restricted to getting a credit card or loan account when your monthly rental payments can be used as credit history to increase your credit score.

Get credit only when you are ready and able to afford it, but start building your credit profile as soon as you can – with your rent payment history.

We would love to hear from you

We are still in the building stage and plan to launch soon.

In the meantime, we would like to know what interests you the most about the problem we are working on. Please feel free to email us any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns.

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